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Musica Notturna? 

In collaboration with Roma Tre Orchestra and the Belgian Embassy, Andreas Moulin performs a Nocturnal Solo Concert in the Capital of Italy. In this varied program he will perform as both solo violinist and solo pianist.
Not only solo works but also chamber music will be performed. The concert will be concluded by a solopiece written and performed by Andreas itself accompanied by Roma Tre Orchestra.

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Cl. Debussy Rêverie - Reflets dans l'eau
T. Yoshimatsu To a dissapeared pleiad
F. Chopin Nocturne C sharp minor op. posth.
G. Fauré Après un Rêve

L. Boulanger Nocturne
T. Takemitsu Distance de fée

E. Bloch Vidui
E. Toldra Ave Maria

A. Moulin When Night Falls (When NIght Falls - City Lights)

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Via Ostiense, 234 - 00146 Rome

Mobile phone number (infos about su events, concerts, prices, ticketing): 0039 3920244701

Fax: 06.57332437


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