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Andreas Moulin (born 1994, Vilvoorde, Belgium) is a Belgian violinist, pianist and composer. At the age of 4 he started playing the violin and even before that he playd his first notes on the piano. He studied violin, piano and chamber music at the conservatory of Leuven (Belgium). At the age of 23 he was announced as teacher assistant of his violin professor, Erisa Kawaguti, laureate of various international competitions (Wieniawski, Paganini, and Queen Elisabeth Competition).

Due to chronic pain during his studentship, Andreas did research about physical and psychological issues amongst violinists. Nowadays he is regularly asked to give master classes to help violinists dealing with pain. He shortly worked for the Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation. Fascinated by writing stories since his childhood, he composed his first music piece “Death of a Nightingale” which was published and broadcasted in 2016 on Belgian and Japanese radio. Because of its general success, he wrote and performed one year later his own solo piece “When Night Falls.” After its publishing and broadcasting he was asked to write a piece for the brand new Belgian symphonic orchestra “Inaudita.” With his work “Forgotten Letters,” he gained a warm appreciation by the audience and orchestra. In 2017 one of his works went premiered at the world congress of saxophone in Zagreb. “I don’t consider myself as a composer, nor as a violinist or pianist.” He says. “It’s sometimes really hard to fit in, I’m just fluttering around in all these disciplines trying to find a place where I belong. Even though I’ve yet find it, I do what I feel I have to do.” Andreas is a member of the Belgian Chamber Ensemble Trio Thalilou and performing artist of Mirage, a music theatre which places a mirror in front of the society. Enamored by silence and expression he started studying Flemish Sign Language. “Even when there are mostly no deaf people in my audience, still I want to be able to reach them as well and to tell them my stories.” He says.

“How would the world look like if we could understand each other more and if we could express what we deeply inside feel?”


White Nocturn (2016) | solo piano 

A Life's Tale (2016)  |  voice, violin and piano

Campfire Tales  (2016)  |  recorder, accordeon, violoncello 

Death of a Nightingale (2016) | violin and piano

When Night Falls: I When Night Falls, II Sky Aquarelle, III Solitude, IV City Lights (2017) | solo violin, 4 violins, 2 violoncelli, 1 double bass, harp, piano and percussion

One More Time (2017) | tenor saxophone and string quartet

Commercial Track Trippel Kanunnik (2018) | solo piano

Forgotten Letters (2019-2020) : the stars speak... 
                                                   ...the lake was silent...
                                                   ...again I was autumn...
                                          more time...
                                                   ...almost flying... 
  Symfonic Orchestra 2(1)2(1)22 2221 pk slg hrp str


The Thing with Feathers (2020) | voice, piano and string quartet

Stil de Tijd (2021) | piano 


Musique pour l'image | Festival du Film D'Aubagne (2021): Greg Eleftheriou, Benjamin Gueit, Andreas Moulin, Paula Olaz Moratinos, Myung Hwang Park, Aurélien Noiret, Hugo Audier, Anne Faupin

Quatres Tableaux Rêveurs (2022) | Violin & Piano 
I Un Songe, II Le Gobelin, III Le Jardin féerique, IV Rhapsodie

Soundtrack long feature "Une jeunesse italienne" (2022)  - Director: Mathieu Volpe | Production REPLICA Films

Soundtrack long feature "Les Enfants Perdus" (2023) - Director: Michèle Jacob | Production: Velvet Studios

Soundtrack short feature "Eldorado" (2023) - Director: Mathieu Volpe | Production: Velvet Studios

Soundtrack Documentary Series Canvas "Hoe was het op School" (2023) - Canvas

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